Termite Treatment

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As of now, we have one type of termite. It’s the Eastern Subterranean Termite. They build their colony underground because they need moisture to survive and prefer dark environments. Workers from a colony construct foraging pathways underground in search of food (dead wood). These pathways radiate in all directions from the colony and can be as long as two football fields in length. The worker termite will exploit weaknesses in a foundation to feed on the wood supports of your home. Weaknesses include (but are not limited to) cracks, underground utility access points, direct wood to ground contact or siding that extends all the way down to the ground. This is why all termite treatments are focused below ground level. I will construct a barrier around the home that will eliminate termites before they reach your home.

Protecting one’s home from eastern subterranean termites is crucial for several reasons:


Structural Damage

Eastern subterranean termites are notorious for causing extensive damage to wooden structures. They tunnel through wood, compromising its integrity and leading to costly repairs or even structural failure.


Financial Investment

For many people, their home represents one of the largest financial investments they’ll ever make. Protecting it from termites ensures that this investment retains its value over time.


Comfort and Safety

A termite infestation can disrupt the comfort and safety of a home. Damage to structural components can create hazards such as weakened floors and ceilings, posing risks to occupants.


Resale Value

Termite damage can significantly decrease the resale value of a home. Protecting against termites ensures that when it comes time to sell, the property maintains its attractiveness to potential buyers.


Peace of Mind

Knowing that one’s home is protected from the destructive effects of termites provides peace of mind. Homeowners can rest assured that their property is safeguarded against a common and persistent threat.


Preventative Maintenance

Taking proactive steps to prevent termite infestations, such as regular inspections and treatments, is part of responsible homeownership. It helps avoid costly repairs and minimizes the risk of future infestations.

Overall, protecting one’s home from eastern subterranean termites is essential for preserving its structural integrity, financial value, and the comfort and safety of its occupants.