Frequently Asked Questions


What pests do you treat for?

We can protect your home from all crawling insects and flying insects that nest together. A comprehensive list can be found by clicking here.

What methods do you use for pest control?

We employ the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to controlling unwanted pests. To learn more about IPM, please click here.

Are your pest control treatments safe for children and pets?

The materials we use to control unwanted insect pests have a relatively low toxicity to mammals and are placed using targeted applications. When used properly, these materials pose a low risk to children and pets.

Additionally, all natural pest control products are available upon request.

How long does a typical treatment last?
Maximum control is maintained for at least 60 days. Longer, depending on environmental factors such as rainfall and level of sunlight.
Do you offer warranties or guarantees on your services?
At Common Sense Pest Control, your satisfaction with the level of control is guaranteed. If you have a pest problem between regular services, call us. We’ll come take care of it within 24 hours of your request.
Do you offer eco-friendly or organic pest control options?


Are your technicians licensed and insured?

All field technicians are certified by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

The certification process includes sixty hours of training on the proper use of commonly used pest control materials. In addition to that, each technician is required to complete 15 hours of continuing education, every year, to maintain their certification.

What sets your pest control service apart from others?
We won’t treat the exterior home when it’s raining. We won’t perform a regular pest control service when it’s cold. We won’t set foot on your property without first notifying you. “That’s not our policy,” is a phrase that we don’t use. All of these things may seem like common sense to you. You’d be surprised how many clients of other pest control companies have experienced things like these.
Do you offer free inspections or estimates?

Most price quotes for all our services, except for termite protection, can be obtained over the phone after a brief conversation about your situation. Quotes for termite protection for new clients will require an inspection prior to providing an estimate. There is a charge for the inspection that can be applied to the cost of the treatment when you engage our service.

What types of properties do you provide pest control services for?
All residential properties and most commercial properties. We don’t provide services for commercial facilities that store or prepare food.
What can be done about Cicadas?

Cicadas are only a danger to trees that are two years old and younger.  If you have trees of this age in your landscape, we recommend you contact for advise.  As for the risk to us,  they will only be an aggravation.  The noise they make will be annoying.  They could also leave there shed skins on your home and trees when they molt.  While there are things that can be done to eliminate the cicadas that may emerge from your yard, there is little you can do about those that emerge from your neighbor’s yard.  It is for this reason that treating your property to eliminate cicadas will do little to reduce their effects.  It’s best just to grin and bear it.