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Controlling spiders on your boat dock with our Spide-A-Way dock service is important for the following reasons:


Inconvenience and Aesthetics:

Spider webs can accumulate on boat docks, creating an unsightly mess and inconvenience for dock users. Dock owners and visitors may find it unpleasant to navigate through spider webs or encounter spiders while using the dock. Accumulations of spider droppings can detract from the appearance of the boat, making it look dirty and unkempt. This can be especially problematic for boat owners who take pride in maintaining the appearance of their vessels.



Spider droppings can leave unsightly stains on boat finishes, particularly if they are not promptly cleaned. These stains may be difficult to remove, especially if they are left to accumulate over time.



Some spider droppings contain acidic compounds that can corrode certain types of boat finishes, particularly metal surfaces. If left unchecked, this corrosion can cause damage to the boat’s exterior.


Resale Value:

A boat with visible signs of spider droppings may be less attractive to potential buyers, possibly affecting its resale value. Maintaining a clean and well-maintained appearance can help preserve the value of the boat over time.

Overall, our Spide-A-Way dock service not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your boat dock and vessel by preventing unsightly spider webs and droppings, but it also protects against potential corrosion, ensuring your investment maintains its value and appeal. This service offers a practical solution to enhance the cleanliness and upkeep of your dock area, allowing you and your visitors to enjoy a more pleasant and hassle-free experience.