Reliable Pest Control Services



For Your Home

Putting to use the very best training the industry provides, we will help protect your property and health from the pests that can harm both.

For Your Business

Using environmentally responsible solutions, we will eliminate pests that can damage goods and contribute to employee illness.  Reducing incidents of both will increase the bottom line.

Why Common Sense Pest Control?


Coming Soon: A professional solution to an old problem. Spiders on the boat dock.


We are testing control methods that are environmentally friendly and labeled to be used over water. Want to be a part of the trial? Give us a shout.

The Common Sense Promise:

We have worked for two of the areas largest pest control corporations.  As with all national and semi national organizations, we learned through painful experience that one size, one method of operation, does not fit all customers. Some of the things we were asked to do, sometimes, felt like we were short changing our customers.

1) We will not treat the exterior of your home when it's raining.


2) We will not treat the exterior of your home when it's cold outside.


3) We will show up, as agreed, with all the tools and materials needed.


4) We will not step on your property without, first letting you know. With all of the avenues of communication provided by today's technology, there's no reason for surprise visits.


5) We will "Wow" you with our service.


If you want highly effective pest control, without all the corporate noise,

you've got to use Common Sense.


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